Participates in the COBRA exhibitions in Rotterdam and Liege and the first Biennale of São Paulo.

The Belgian State dedicates to him a first monograph written by art critic Louis Leon Sosset.





Is the recipient of the Academy Picard in Brussels.

Personal exhibition in Amsterdam.

The painting Mineral vegetal animal is acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in Liège.


After a study of the shapes of musical instruments he receives the Award of Design at the International Exhibition of Lugano for his painting Musical composition (Composition musicale).

Joins the Belgian group Espace, which brings together artists, architects and decorators.



Makes a decorative abstract scenery for the tavern The Canterbury in Brussels.

Moved to Armand Steurs Square in Saint-Josse.

Won the gold medal at the 2nd Biennial of painting in Menton.


Changes his abstraction style to geometric compositions: Nocturnal anxiety (Inquiétude nocturne), a painting acquired in 1955 by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels, Collective portraits (Portraits collectifs), a painting aquired by the Belgian State, Interrupted contemplation (Recueillement interrompu), Municipal Museum of Ixelles.

Receives the Belgium Art Critics Award in Brussels.






Creates a mural for the entrance to the Belgian pavilion at the Zagreb Exhibition.