Evolution of Van Lint's valuation

Published on 28-02-2023 by Lionel Colin-Van Lint

An important part of the Institute's mission is to inform collectors and the general public about Van Lint. Many of you have asked us about the value of certain works, the artist's rating in general and its evolution. In the following lines you will find some answers.
Van Lint's value has been rising steadily in recent years. Van Lint's value has been rising steadily in recent years. What is the real situation and why?

Undeniable growth

In 2020, the canvas Chartres achieved a high result at De Vuyst. It was not the first time that a Van Lint had reached this price range, since another work has been traded between private collectors in 2008 for the same amount,. However, the fact that a Van Lint painting was sold at a hammer price of €100,000 in a public auction was considered as a remarkable event by art collectors. More importantly, the artist's value has risen for four key periods of his work:

- the pre-geometric period with Chartres, 1950 in 2020 at De Vuyst
- the geometric period, with Composition, ca 1954 at Cornette de Saint Cyr in 2021
- the first period of lyrical abstraction, with Heaven garden, 1959, with Cornette de Saint Cyr in 2021
- the second period of lyrical abstraction, with The Thiou, 1972, with Bonhams Cornette de Saint Cyr in 2022

The above-mentioned works sold for between € 66,000 and € 125,000 including costs, proving a comfortable upward trend in the price.

A rise that follows the market?

Some will point out that this is the result of the economic situation and the desire of investors to get rid of their cash. This is partly true, and it is clear that the current level of the art market is linked to the fear of currency depreciation and the ever-increasing demand for safe havens. However, Van Lint is one of the artists who clearly stand out:

1. his value has risen faster than the market,
2. it has become more and more distinct from the other painters (some of whom are excellent) of the Young Belgian Painters.

Moreover, this evolution is taking place at a time when we are only in the first phase of our development (catalogue raisonné and communication). The second and third phases, involving new publications and exhibitions, will draw the attention of foreign collectors and henceforth accelerate the upward trend of Van Lint's valuation.

Solid reasons

Over the past decade, I have been in contact with many museum directors, curators, researchers, gallery owners and other art professionals in Belgium and abroad, and their opinion is unanimous: Van Lint's work is of exceptional quality. This is of course the most important thing.

It also appears that we are one of the most active and serious estates. Many art professionals and collectors praise us for our initiatives and the choice of advisors around us. There is no doubt that these advisors are valuable and ensure that the Institute's decisions are well thought out and effective. Our vision is clear and collectors have confidence in us.

In view of the above, I am more convinced than ever that, with the help of our advisors, our determined and internationally oriented strategy and the energy we put into it, Van Lint will occupy the position he truly deserves : one of the great artists of the 20th century.